Message of the President

Woldia University is one of the public higher Education institutions in Ethiopia. The university is dedicated to the cultivation of leading-edge knowledge and ideal place of broad access to academic excellence, research and community service. The university consists three campuses in Woldia, Mesa and Lalibela towns of North Wollo Zone, Amhara Region, and it is visionary, committed and cooperative to calibre its mission for the surrounding community and the nation at large.

The mission of Woldia University is to produce competent and innovative professionals who are well-built in Knowledge, ethics and skills who can contribute to the nation̛ s development; conduct problem solving researches and transfer them to the community, and provide vital community services through the active participation of the community and stakeholders.

The valuable contributions of the university are reflected in the execution of its mission by managing and coordinating more than 2,300 academic and administrative staff members and 12,000 students from three campuses. Woldia University’s impact extends beyond the main campus which is stretched on 218-hectares land through the contributions of its alumni of the past six years, and to the research, education and community service partnerships maintained with partners and stakeholders.

With the scope and scale the university possess, I believe that Woldia University is making an extraordinary impact, from preparing the next generation of scholars and scientists to nurturing development across the state to finding research solutions that will make a better nation.

The university’s work culture reflects our core values of equity and inclusion, and our community’s dedication to creating a caring culture of harmony, accountability, safety and respect.

I am excited by this university’s upward trajectory in many areas. I am eager to work with the entire Woldia university community as we confronted the challenges we faced in our course of action. I see enormous opportunity ahead, and I am committed to establishing a safer, more respectful and more caring university.

We have been called upon to write the next chapter in Woldia University’s history. Together, we can make it a great one.

‘open mind. Open eyes’

Abebe Girma (PhD)

President, Woldia University