About Mersa Campus

College of Agriculture as an academic stream of Woldia University launched its services in 2012. Latter, in 2013, the college has transferred its work place to Mersa campus. College of Agriculture has been given the roles of teaching and learning, conducting basic and applied researches, and providing community services to the people. Currently the college is hosting more than 800 students at undergraduate and post graduate levels under the following five departments and one school as listed here:
1. Plant Science
2. Animal Production and Technology
3. Soil and Water Resources Management
4. Rural Development and Agricultural Extension
5. Agricultural Economics
6. School of Veterinary Medicine Postgraduate programs at regular, summer, and extension admission are listed:
1. Soil Science
2. Horticulture
3. Animal Production

Mission, Vision and Values of the College

Producing competent, ethical, knowledgeable, and skilful professionals in agriculture; conducting problem solving research in agriculture, and providing community services.
The College aspires to be one of the top ten premier colleges in African Universities ranked in Excellence by Agriculture 2025.