Business & Economics

Mr. Sisaye Genanu Mulaw
Dean, Futility of Business and Economics

Business and Economics Faculty was one of the four faculties when the University started its work 2011. The faculty started its mission with three departments: Accounting and Finance, Economics, and Management. The faculty added one more department which is called Marketing Management, so currently the faculty possesses four departments. The main purpose of the faculty is to produce qualified students in the area of business and Economics.

When the faculty was established in 2011, it enrolled 119 students Regular and 77 Extension undergraduate students. By going up its services, currently the faculty is enrolling around 2200 regular undergraduate students, extension undergraduates, and graduate students. The faculty is currently preparing to grow into a college. The faculty is currently staffing with 76 masters and 4 assistant professors. Of the total teachers, 14 percent are women, and 20 percent are studying their master and doctoral degrees at home and abroad.

Mission, Vision and Values of the Faculty


  • To produce the required knowledgeable and skillful man power for the development of our country’s economy.
  • To conduct problem-solving and relevant research focusing on national and environmental benefits.
  • To provide need based community service, training and counseling to increase the economic, social, and political participation of the community.


To be one of the top ten faculties in Africa Universities by 2020.


  • Quality
  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Result-focused approach
  • Teamwork
  • Participatory leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Good manners
  • Unity in diversity
  • Safety

Contact Person Mr. Sisay Genanu Mulaw

Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics


Tel: +251335400678 Mob: +251975824569

Office: AD-3, G+2, Room: 02 P.O.Box: 400, Woldia University Woldia, Amhara Region, Ethiopia