School of Land Administration (SoLA)


The School of Land Administration (SoLA) in Woldia University is located in Amhara National Regional State (ANRS), Woldia, Ethiopia. The School is new and the second of its kind in the country and one of very few in East Africa-for Higher education in the field which is characterized by a broad approach concerning land rights, including surveying techniques, land registration, land and property law , land Valuation and development education when established in 2013. The establishment of the School of Land Administration was initiated by different stakeholders because of a serious lack of trained manpower in the area of land administration.

Currently, the school is running one under graduate (BSc level) program in Department of Land Administration and Surveying. The establishment of this department has been made with objective  of producing adequately trained land administration and surveying  professionals who will serve their community, with various skills: cadastral surveying, land law, land and property registration , dispute resolution, computer mapping,  land use planning, land development and to strengthen the qualification and man power capacity of the personnel in  land use and environmental protection  authorities, municipalities, counselling and advisory departments and other institutions engaged in land related activities. In the near future, a BSc program in Geomatics and Land and Real Property Valuation will be started under the School of Land Administration.

SoLA has been providing training for different Land Administration and Management sectors in the country focusing on the different dimensions of land such as land tenure management, property valuation, land use planning and development, GIS, cadastral surveying and mapping, urban design and planning, and so on.

In addition, it is closely working with other Universities and institutions in the country to exchange experiences and providing different short and long term capacity building trainings to the experts in the land sector. SoLA has also been conducting researches on critical land sector problems in collaboration with national and international partners.

Mission, Vision and Value


To be a center of excellence in land administration education, research and community service; and to serve as a model for establishing similar institutions in other regions of Ethiopia and in other countries in East Africa.


Educating competent land administration professionals equipped with the required knowledge, skills and attitude; Carrying out research of national and regional importance in the area of land administration; and Providing advisory, consultancy and outreach services.


  • Accept ideals of transparency and human and democratic rights of every individual;
  • Believe that activities that do not solve the poor peoples’ problems are irrelevant;
  • Believe in teaching integrated with adequate field practices, attachments and research;
  • Accept students, without any discrimination, as prime decision makers;
  • Believe in dynamism, and quality will be the School’s distinguishing mark and will not be compromised; and
  • Promote mutual collaboration with local and foreign institutions.
Mr. Getie Gebrie Eshetie

Mr. Getie Gebrie Eshetie

Position: Dean, Scholl of Land Administration

Office Email:

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Mobile No. +251918655341

Office Location: AD3, G+1, Room 7, Main Campus, Woldia University

P.O.Box: 400, Woldia, Amhara, Ethiopia