Educational & Behavioural Science

Woldia University by virtue of the power vested in it by the counsel of ministry is set to serve the following key purposes; teaching-learning, research and community services which support the development aspiration of the nation. Hence, as one faculty of the university the three pillars/missions have been delivered since 2004 E.C onwards.  i. e, we play a great role in the teaching-learning process of both in undergraduate and post graduate programs, conducting educational and behavioral researches and delivering a community service in all programs of the faculty.

Mission: the faculty of education and behavioral sciences is dedicated to producing competent graduates undertaking disinterested research and community services that meet the development aspiration of local, regional and national stakeholders; .

Vision: Becoming the top ten colleges/faculties among similar institutions in education and behavioral sciences training, research and community services in Ethiopia by 2030.


Student first: the faculty values their students and hence student affairs are our top concerns.

Strive for quality: the faculty strives to satisfy stakeholders’ needs by offering state-of-art service

Respect for diversity: the faculty is dedicated to respecting the diversity of culture, ethnicity, religion, language and gender.

Team work: the faculty values boldly cooperativeness and team work which will boost our efficiency and product.

Excellence: The faculty strives to ensure excellences in all the services.

Services under our faculty

Currently, the faculty hosts five undergraduate programs, three post-graduate programs, and different Continuous Professional Development works too.

  • The undergraduate programs are:
  1. School and Counseling Psychology
  2. Pedagogical Science with Geography Composite
  3. Special Needs and Inclusive Education
  4. Early Childhood Care and Education
  5. Adult Education and Community Development
  • Post-graduate programs
  1. MA in Counseling Psychology
  2. MA in Educational Psychology
  3. MA in Educational Planning and Management
  • Continuous professional Development programs
  1. Higher Diploma Program/HDP
  2. Post Graduate Diploma Training/PGDT
  3. English Language Improvement Center/ELIC
  4. Induction trainings


Office location: ADB2, G+1, Room 15, Main Campus, Woldia University

P.O.Box: 400, Woldia, Amhara, Ethiopia