College of Social Science and Humanities (CSSH)

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (FSSH)
As a faculty, the faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities is one of the founder units of Woldia University. It has a responsibility to instruct students, undertake demand driven researches and launch/provide problem solving Community Service Projects in eight disciplines. To effectively discharge the aforementioned duties, the faculty has established administrative offices for each of the three wings. Thus, it has,
• Dean: Manages the overall matters of the faculty
• Academic Vice Dean: Controls the academic affairs of the faculty
• Research and Community Services Coordinator: Administer Research and Community services
• Education Quality Assurance Coordinator: follow-up and Evaluates the quality of academic activities.
The Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities is comprised of the following departments:
1. English Language and Literature (Regular and Summer Programs)
2. Amharic Language and Literature ((Regular and Summer Programs))
3. Political Science and International Relations (Regular and Summer Programs in Civics)
4. Geography and Environmental Studies (Regular and Summer Programs)
5. Sociology
6. Theatrical Art
7. Journalism and Communication
8. History and Heritage Management (Regular and Summer Programs)

Post graduate
1. Teaching English As foreign language (TEFL) through – Regular, Extension and summer programs.

Mission, Vision and Values of the faculty
The faculty has a mission of producing competent, well behaved and skilled citizens who can play a significant role for the overall transformation of their country.
The faculty aspires to be one of the top ten premier faculties found in African Universities in teaching, research and Community Services by 2025.
Professionalism, Security, Team Work, Ethics, Democratic Thinking, Quality, Justice, Transparent, and Participatory Leadership via Communication based

Additional Services
• Provide Short Term training and Consultancy Services (GIS, Remote Sensing, Peace & Security, Development, language, culture, Art, Media, Communication, etc)
• Fostering University-Industry Linkage (Promoting Technology Transfers)

Office phone = 033 540 0682