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Research Policy and Guidelines

Besides, the teaching-learning process, the academic staff of the University is expected to conduct problem solving research. In order to conduct research, as stated in article 145 (2) of the University’s legislation, research priorities shall be made based on the needs and priorities of the country and the strategic plan of the University. As a result, Woldia University has identified different research thematic areas with diverse researchable issues of different disciplines in North Wollo and Waghemra Zones. These two zones faced several challenges over the past decades. Therefore, in order to address the problems outlined under the research thematic areas, and to use resources properly for the planned activities. It is, therefore, important to have a document which can be used by all researchers as a reference to research policy and research guidelines of the University. Generally, the purpose of developing a research policy and guidelines is to outline arrangements and directions which:


  • are systematic, coherent and internally and externally consistent;
  • are transparent, effective and leading to the attainment of the mission of the University;
  • provide a conducive environment for research and publication and in particular to assist in improving the Universitys research procedures;
  • Provide appropriate incentives to increase the net contribution to the University from internal and external sources.


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