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Over View of the University Research and Development Office

As clearly indicated in the development strategic plan, Ethiopia aims to become middle income country in the next 20 to 30 years. So as to achieve this crucial plan much is expected from research to alleviate the economic problems, to reduce poverty, to attain food security, and to maintain quality education through introducing new technologies and improving the theory and practice in the various disciplines. So the research direction is principally focuses on relevance to the community, provision of intellectual stimulating environment for staff and researchers; and excellence in both applied and basic researches that satisfy international standards.

Woldia University Research and Development office highly believes that developing strong research partnership with concerned actors and conducting participatory result based research with clear understanding of the country socio-economic development policies or millennium goals, can achieve positive, sustainable change in the lives of people who have been oppressed by poverty. Because research is a systematic way of collecting and analyzing data for seeking solutions to problems, discovering new technologies and paving way to socio economic development of a country by empowering the community to apply sustainable solutions in diverse circumstances. So research enables people in diverse circumstances to apply solutions. Research provides us with new inventions (technological methods, products, etc) and to generate new knowledge to tackle problems. In general, Woldia University is strongly working with different actors to produce competent and innovative professionals, carryout problem solving researches by working with destitute, marginalized poor people who are living in resource-poor rural and urban areas of Ethiopia, to keep their well being health and manage their natural resources in a sustainable way.

In order to conduct research, as stated in article 145 (2) of the University’s legislation, research priorities shall be made based on the needs and priorities of the country and the strategic plan of the University. As a result, Woldia University has identified different research thematic areas with diverse researchable issues of different disciplines in North Wollo and Waghemra Zones. These two zones faced several challenges over the past decades. Unreliable rainfall and recurrent drought, a heavy dependence on rain-fed agriculture, small farm size, and low agricultural productivity, increased food insecurity, shortage of water, rapid population growth, and massive land degradation are some of the major tight spots that need to be addressed. Therefore, the outcome of the need assessment is very important in order to address the problems outlined under the research thematic areas, and to use resources properly for the planned activities.

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