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About Woldia University Library

WDU Library and Documentation Service were established in 2011. The WDU Libraries System is viewed from its strategic importance to the teaching-learning research and community services goals of the University. Accordingly, a Library Information System is a keystone of any academic and research exercise. Obviously, WU Library System has been set up with this certainty. The WU Library system is one of the functional units of the University that is responsible for the provision of Library & Information Services mainly to students, teaching staff & researchers in order to enable them to attain their learning, teaching and research objectives. In addition to this supportive staff and external users can get the library service under the umbrella of the rule and regulation of the library.

General & Specific Objective

While general objective of WU Library is to serve the instructional and research function of the   University as mentioned above, its specific objectives include:

  • To render Library& Information Services that can meet the need of undergraduate students, in relation to the approved curricula.
  • To assist the academic staff in preparation of teaching materials and in keeping up-to-date in the respective of their subject fields.
  • To create links and networking of resource sharing with other parent institutions at home & abroad.
  • To provide general reading and book lending services to the University Community as a whole as well.

Rules & Regulation

Woldia University library has set usage rules and regulations in order to meet its goal.

Admission to the library

· Switched off/silent you’re mobile.

· Membership identity card shall be shown at the entrance when requested.

After entering into the Library

· Silence shall be strictly observed in the library.

· Books, briefcases, sticks, umbrellas and other personal effects are not permitted and must be left at the entrance of the library.

· A user shall not give a false name and address for the purpose of entering any part of the library or getting any privilege there from.

· Sleeping is strictly prohibited.

· No person shall write upon, damage or/and make any mark on any book, manuscript, map or other property of the library.

· Smoking cigarettes, wearing noise shoes, talking loudly, moving chairs, chewing chat are strictly prohibited.

· Wearing Gabi, Shash (scarf), Cap, Gown, Overcoat, sandal etc? is not allowed.

· Any infringement of the rules or any misbehavior shall curtail the privilege of admission to and borrowing books from the library.

· Be cooperative for body checking at the main gate of the library.



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 May 15, 2019, 8:15 am 

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