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The School has one department, which, is the second of its kind in Ethiopia. The department of Land Administration in Woldia University is located south wollo zone in the Amhara National Regional State (ANRS), Woldia University, Ethiopia. The department is new which is established in 2005 E.C and the second of its kind in Ethiopia, which is characterized by a broad approach concerning land right, surveying techniques, land registration, land and property law, land valuation and land development. The establishment of the department was initiated by different stakeholders because of a serious lack of trained man power in the area of land administration.

Land is the most important resource to the human being. It is the source of life itself and the foundation of all forms of human activity; from it we obtain the food we eat, the shelter we need, the space to work, and the room to relax. It represents fundamental component of ecosystem.

In agrarian country like Ethiopia land is not only the main means for generating a livelihood but often also used to accumulate wealth and transfer it between generations. Land lies at the heart of social, political and economic life of such countries.

In Ethiopia, despite the huge diversity of regions, peoples, and economies across the country, agriculture, natural resource use and other land-based activities remain key to livelihoods, income and employment:

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